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UFunds coordinates applications for funding from offices at Brown. You will find opportunities here for members of the Brown community, including undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty.

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Upcoming Deadlines
Barcelona Synapse (2019 Barcelona Synapse )
London Synapse (2019 London Synapse )
South Asia in the World Course Development Grants (South Asia in the World Course Development Grants 2019-2020)
Graduate School Distinctive Opportunities (Brown Executive Scholars Training Program)
Advance-CTR 2019 Mentored Research Awards (Cycle 3 | Preliminary Applications)
James C. Gaither Junior Fellows Program (James C. Gaither Junior Fellows Program 2018-19)
W. M. Keck Foundation Research Program (Keck Research Program: Science and Engineering; Medical Research)
Graduate School Distinctive Opportunities (Global Mobility Research Fellowships, Summer 2019)
The Harry S. Truman Scholarship (The Truman Scholarship 2018-19)
Undergraduate Student Event Fund (Undergraduate Student Event Fund, Fall 2018)
OVPR Research Achievement Awards (2019 Distinguished Research Achievement Award)
OVPR Research Achievement Awards (2019 Early Career Research Achievement Award)
Graduate School Distinctive Opportunities (Deans’ Faculty Fellows Program 2019)
NAFAC (IR Program - NAFAC (spring 2018))
BrownConnect Signature: BEO Hong Kong Internships (BEO Hong Kong Internship 2018)