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UFunds coordinates applications for funding from offices at Brown. You will find opportunities here for members of the Brown community, including undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty.

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Upcoming Deadlines
Writing Center Proctorship in Academic Administration (Academic Year 2018-2019)
Writing Fellows, Spring 2018 Application (Spring 2018)
Jack Ringer Summer in Southeast Asia Fellowship (Ringer 2018)
Marla Ruzicka International Public Service Fellowship (Ruzicka Fellowship 2018)
Community Building Fund (Community Building Fund: Spring 2018)
LINK/SEW Award Program (2018 LINK/SEW Award Program - Round 2)
John Hazen White Internship Funding (Summer 2018)
IR Program/Anthony Riccio Prize in International Relations (Anthony Riccio Prize Spring 2018)
IBES Environmental Studies and Sciences Summer Research and Internship Award (IBES ENVS Summer Research & Internship Award 2017)
2018 Faculty Lectureship Fund Application (2018 Faculty Lectureship Fund Application )
2018 Faculty Development Fund Application (2018 Faculty Development Fund Application)
Research at Brown (RAB) Grant (2017-2018 RAB Grant Application)
SAC Student Support Fund (SAC Student Support Fund Pilot: Spring 2018)
Salomon Curricular Mini-Grant (Salomon Grant - 2017-18 (FY2018))
Curriculum Development Grants (First-year, Soph. Seminars; Power, Diversity...) (Curriculum Development Grant - Sophomore Seminars-2017-18 (FY2018))
Graduate School Distinctive Opportunities (Global Mobility Research Fellowships, 2018-19 Academic year)
Curriculum Development Grants (First-year, Soph. Seminars; Power, Diversity...) (Curriculum Development Grant - First-Year Seminars-2017-18 (FY2018))
Edward Guiliano '72 Global Fellowships Program (Edward Guiliano '72 Global Fellowship '17-'18)
E-Gap Funds (Professional Development Assistance Grant)
IR Program/Research and Internship Grant (2017-18 IR Program Research and Internship Grant)
DS Program/Summer Travel and Research Grant (2017-18 DS Summer Travel and Research Grant)
E-Gap Funds (NCAA Student-Athlete Assistance Fund (SAAF))
Embark Post-Graduation Fellowship (Embark Post-Graduation Fellowship Spring 2017)
Engaged Course Development Mini-Grant (2017-2018 Cycle)
Doctoral Certificates (Spatial Analysis)
Doctoral Certificates (Science and Technology Studies)
Doctoral Certificates (Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS) 2017-2018)
Doctoral Certificates (Collaborative Humanities COPY)
Doctoral Certificates (Africana Studies)
Zern Endowment for the Life and Physical Sciences (DoC) (Zern Endowment 2017-18)